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Story: "Betrothed to the Titan" Part II
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    Here's a little something for all you Vore fans. Come 'n get it!

    Disclaimersville, man!

    If you are a miserable little rugrat reading naughty message boards on daddyís account, scram. Likewise, if you were emotionally scarred by the original King Kong movie (directorís cut), or think Rogue should be given a good ducking as a satan-mongering agent of Satan, give this story a pass.
    Two more warnings on content: for one, its set in a cheezy fantasy setting, full of knights and castles and princesses in peril. Secondly, the main charachters are violently psychopathic sadists. Fun! (Be patient. They donít fall in love Ďtill the end.)
    The ride was uneventful. Princess Alia had fallen into a deep, mystical slumber soon after being deposited in the pouch. She awoke in a large silk pavillion, reclining naked on a couch of satin, and surrounded on all sides by rich luxury. Light was provided by dozens of purple candles on tall bronze holders, standing on a floor of rare hardwood mosaiced into intricate patterns. A hot bath was drawn in a tub of solid gold, and a vanity of silver and jewels was equipped with a matching set of brushes and various toiletries. There were racks and racks of crystal vials containing exotic fragrances and oils, only some of which she recognized. And, of course, the huge oaken wardrobe.
    On a small table was an invitation to dinner written in the finest hand with golden ink. She took extra care in making ready, washing, grooming and preening until she was well satisfied, and then she went to the wardrobe.
    Inside was only one outfit. Nevertheless, she was well pleased with the selection. The dress was of black silk embroidered with silver thread, with a daring neckline that would be right at home at court, and perfectly tailored to show off her attributes. The skirt part was more like a far-eastern barbarianís, hugging the countours of her legs, and split up to the waist on both sides.
    Of more interest to her however, were the accessories. She slid on a pair of incredibly supple leather gloves all the way up to her shoulder, just like the giantís. They were a lustrous black, and fit like a second skin. She then pulled on a pair of boots, long and tall, they reached mid thigh. She had to struggle to wriggle her legs through the shaft, but the her foot fit perfectly. The boots, once on, were comfortably snug, and showed off her long, long legs to great effect. They were modeled after a ladyís riding boot, with a comfortable tapered toe, and a taller heel than as was usual. She had always loved the feel of leather, and the quality and fit of her gloves and boots was beyond compare!
    Affixed to the boot-stand was a note, in the same fine script as the invitation. "Please don the gloves and boots. Once on, they may not be removed, save you are standing on a floor other than of stone or earth, and never in the presence of your host. Those are the rules.", read the notice. How curious! Still, she did not mind the burden, and had no wish to alienate her new weapon and paramour!
    Once suitably attired, she exited through the broad silken flaps at the front of the pavillion. The sight that greeted her took her breath away. She was not outside, but inside! The pavillion stood within a chamber larger than an entire castle! The walls appeared to be carved of solid stone, lined with copper lamps the size of haycarts, whose flames were large as bonfires. The pavillion itself was on a long, red carpet intricately woven with minute patterns in golden thread, a hundred feet wide, and stretched down the center of the chamber until it reached the base of the Throne. The throne was enormous, crafted of slabs of gold, and decorated with dragon bones, and entire human skeletons inlaid cunningly in the metal.
    Upon the throne sat the giant. He was twice the size he had been when he crushed her village, indicating he was a creature of powerful magick. He was wearing his boots and gloves, or a pair identical to them, as they were clean of gore. His only concession to modesty was a black leather loincloth held in place by silver buckles at his hips. Alia felt her breath catch in her throat; it would have been a sight to behold were he six feet tall. At a hundred and twenty, it came close to being a religious experience. He was not over-built, but pleasingly cut, and strong, strong. She felt if he were to flex, the leather-clad bicep would be taller than herself!
    He gazed down at her as she emerged with those strange, compelling violet eyes, and she stood stock still, gazing hungrily back.
    "I trust the attire is to your liking, highness?", he asked pleasantly, his church-bell voice sending shivers anew down her spine.
    "Yes, my Lord, thank you. The quality is exquisite", she replied in the same tone. She now noticed several people standing at the foot of the throne. One of them suddenly looked very relieved.
    "Tailor Hwong, my commendation. Have her entire wardrobe completed no later than sunset tomorrow.", said the giant. The tailor bowed deeply, and he and three assistants ran as fast as they could for a small, human-sized door beside the throne.
    "What of your accomodations? Was everything in order?", he asked. She noticed the short, fat man in a colorful uniform start to sweat. A wicked smile came to her lips.
    "The bath was far too hot for my preference, Lord.", she said with a silken voice. Much to her delight, the little manís eyes widened in horror, and his two assistants began to tremble.
    "My deepest apologies, Princess", said the giant as he stood and bowed to her. The act was so smooth and precise, it boggled the mind that something the size of a great oak could move like a nimble cat. Straightening up to his full height, he peered down his aquiline nose at the little man.
    "Master Fredal, you have failed me", he said as he raised his foot over the petrified butler.
    "B-b-but, My Lord, I...", his next words were cut off as the giant stomped on him. Splat! Master Fredal, was flattened into a red mess. Princess Alia clapped with with joy at the sight, her lust building.
    "Mastar Laferd, you are now the butler of my palace. I congragulate you, and look forward to many years of unparraleled service. Donít dissapoint me.", the Giant adressed one of the assistants to the late Master Fredal. They both bowed deeply, and ran for dear life toward the door.
    The giant strode over to the pavillion, and swiftly scooped up the princess in his powerful and gentle grip before she even realized he had moved. He brought her level with his eyes, and said with a knowing smile "It is dreadfully hard to find good help. I trust tomorrowís bath will be to your liking, as we have diversions other than the servants, Highness."
    "As my Lord wishes it.", she replied dreamily, snuggling into his grasp.
    "Come!", said the giant as he strode from the throne room, "Dinner awaits!"
    The Great Hall was on a scale that defied the human mind. Never had the Princess dreamed of anything the size of this place. All she could do was stare in wonder, and stroke the fingers of her host. She found her gloves did not impede her sense of touch at all, due to some strange enchantment, nor her boots. She could even feel through her thick soles as if she were wearing silk stockings!
    She was placed deftly on a mound of satin pillows and cushions upon a large oriental rug. She folded her legs under her, and knealt before a low table on the carpet. Upon the table was a large golden goblet of red wine, a napkin, and a covered tray. Looking around, she realized that she was on a monumental dining table, before her a great silver dome of the giantís own tray, a golden goblet twice her height, and a napkin the size of a knightís pavillion.
    Her host waited until she had made herself comfortable before settling into the great chair at the head of the table. Once seated, the giant, with a quick and wondrously agile movement, removed her tray cover with a flourish seemingly impossible for fingers thick as pine trees. On the silver tray was a strip of lean beef cooked to perfection, a large roll, an orange half, and a medallion of candied yam. With another flourish, the giant removed his tray cover, and revealed five of her fellow villagers, stripped naked and deep in a magick sleep.
    Waving his hand over one, Jill, the carpenterís wife, she awoke. After taking a few moments to take in her surroundings, she leaped to her feet, and began to flee madly. The giant snatched her up, and unceremoniously stuffed the man into her mouth. Billís screams of terror were abruptly cut off as the giant began to chew, rivulets of blood escaping from the corners of his mouth.
    "MíLord, please!", said Princess Alia, shock and revulsion in her voice. The giant paused, and looked at her quizzically as he wiped the blood from his face with his sail-sized napkin.
    "Where are your manners? You should take time to savor your meal, rather than bolt it down as fast as it will go! Observe!" she said in a stern tone. She selected the strip of beef with her fingertips, there being no cutlery, and dangled it over her mouth. She took a dainty bite, chewed thoughtfully, and swallowed, sucking on the meat to catch the juices. She repeated this until the meat was gone, licking the juice from her fingertips.
    The giantís mouth spread wide in a grin of understanding, as he awakened the next victim, this being Jane, the smithís daughter. She had always envied Jane, with her toned body and blond curls, and eagerly awaited what came next.
    The giant grasped the shouting young woman by the chest with thumb and forefinger, her breasts trapped painfully against her body. He then dangled Janeís legs over his mouth, and bit them off at the knee. The girl writhed in the powerful grip of the giant, screeching with pain. Sucking and biting at the body of the little woman, the giant devoured her by degrees, making noises of satisfaction as his meal thrashed for life. Jane didnít stop thrashing until the giant had reached her chest. There the giant popped the rest of her in, and chewed thoughtfully. He was coming to appreciate his new companion!
    He watched carefully as the Princess placed the medallion of candied yam on her tongue, and then took most of it into her mouth. Alia worked at it, sucking off the sweet syrup with relish. She then chewed it slowly, just the tip exposed, until she pushed this in and swallowed. With a gesture, the next course of the giantís meal was awakened. Bessy the milkmaid was a fine figure of a young woman, strong and lean. The giant snatched her up, and laughed at her helpless cries. He pushed his long, supple tongue between the tiny womanís legs, and forced her to straddle it, grabbing onto his nose and clinging to his cheek for balance. Her shrieks soon turned to moans as his deft undulations insinuated warm, slimy tongue flesh into all kinds of pleasing nooks and crannies. She didnít fight as he sucked her in up to her neck, her moans coming louder as he probed and prodded at her breasts, and then forced the tip deep between her legs, to press open her labia and massage the clitoris. She pinched and tweaked her nipples as she clenched and unclenched her legs around his tongue in time with his incessant thrusts. Bessy quickly climaxed, moaning loudly, and began to build to a second when her moans suddenly became screams. That powerful tongue now pressed her hard against the roof of his mouth, knocking the breath out of her. Then he began to chew. Lightly at first, massaging her flesh with gentle bites. Then his great, pearly-white teeth became stained with red as they rent flesh, shattered bone, and slowly turned the screaming milkmaid into a soft mass of masticated meat.
    The princess began to massage her own fully erect nipples, and was positively moist by the time Bessy let out her dying scream. Never had she been so aroused! She immediately grabbed the roll. She pinched off pieces of the crust, which she then popped into her mouth, slowly chewing while contemplating which spot to tear off next. Soon, the bread was a crumbling ruin she swiftly devoured in three bites. She licked the crumbs from her gloves, and took a sip of wine to wash it all down.
    The giant then awakened the next victim. Angeline was positively overendowed, and Alia could scarce wait before the little slut began to suffer.
    Gripping her tightly, the giant reveled in the look of sheer terror in the busty wench. He pinched one of her large tits, the flesh flattening and deforming, and abruptly twisted it off of her body. Her screams of pain were the finest dining music he could imagine. He popped the breast into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully, looking into her tear-filled eyes. He then twisted off the other breast, slowly this time, savoring the changes in timber and volume of her scream. She has a beautiful voice, he thinks to himself. Popping the pinch of meat into his mouth, he savors the fatty flavor, and the womanís weeping. He then wrenches off her arm, then slowly pulls a leg from her bucking and thrashing body, and so on, savoring each morsel, and each scream. The little dear managed to stay conscious all the way to the last leg...his mystic art keeping her life bound to her body till he was done with her. He then devours her lifeless body in three quick bites, licking the gore from his gloves, and taking a sip of wine that would drown a child.
    Alia can scarce keep herself from masturbating, twisting with suppressed desire at each of the little whoreís screams. She then picks up her orange half, tilts back her head, and positions the fruit over her full lips. She squeezes, slowly at first. Then more pressure is applied, and juice begins trickling down into her mouth. Her fist clenches, and juice and pulp stream onto her waiting toungue. Once squeezed dry, she scoops out the meat of the fruit, and licks it from her fingers, cleaning her gloves with the napkin afterward.
    The giant awakens the last of his meal. Denise was the innkeeperís daughter, full-figured, if not outright obese. She felt good in his hands, and he kneaded her a little, enjoying the way her fat would squirm and ripple under his probing fingers. Denise was definitely a screamer, and what a set of lungs she had! The giant tilted back his head, raised her into position, and began to squeeze. Her wailing intensified in panic as he slowly, ever so slowly, tightened his grip. Her screams peaked as her fat oozed under the pressure, and her ribs started to snap. The awful din of the tortured woman faded to a gurgle as blood began dripping out of her mouth and nose, and into the waiting maw of the giant. The giant eased his grip for a moment, allowing the panicking Denise to take a deep breath and start to scream anew for his pleasure. He then clenched his fist powerfully, and her scream turned unnaturally loud as he crushed all the air out of her lungs, her eyes bulging and face purpling with the strain. The super-scream abruptly cut off into a screeching gurgle as her innards shot out of her mouth, and into the giantís. He didnít stop squeezing until every drop of blood was wrung out, and her body liquified. He licked her remains off his fingers, and smacked his lips.
    They sat back, the Princess and the Giant, sipping sweet red wine, and eyeing each other with undisguised passion. They had cleaned their gloves with their napkins, and she didnít know if it was the gloves or the napkins that were enchanted. The sticky mess of their meals came right off, leaving the leather as shiny and soft as if new.
    "Oh, my Princess, I must say never have I enjoyed a meal as much! You simply must tutor me some more on table etiquette.", said the giant.
    "Tonightís lesson isnít finished, my Lord. We have yet to taste desert.", the princess purred as she leaned back onto the satin cushions. She brought her legs out in front of her, and began to spread them wide.
    The giant swiped the tray and goblet from before him, to clatter deafeningly to the floor forty feet below. He carefully pulled the carpet, with princess, pillows, table and all to the edge of the great table. He flicked her tiny table to one side, and stood up, towering over her like a living mountain.
    She was in awe when she realized that this force of nature, this cruel god, desired her as much as she desired him. She planted her feet on the table, legs wide, and arched her back. One hand held the front flap of her skirt aside, while the other spread herself, and ran her middle finger over her clit.
    The giant reached down, and expertly tore the dress from her body with his cannon-thick fingers. Unhindered, her other hand now went to massaging her full, spherical breasts, pinching, teasing and pulling her nipples. He then undid his loincloth buckles, and let it fall to the floor. She gasped with delight; he was incredibly well endowed. His penis began to slowly rouse itself from a soft erection, each throbbing heartbeat caused it to grow larger, and larger. With each rush of his mighty pulse, the gargantuan member stood taller and straighter. It was more than twice her height, and twice and a half her breadth. Its circumcised head was half as long as she, all by itself.
    She had no idea how she was going to work this.
    She was more than game to try, however. With one hand the giant pressed down on the back of it, slowly easing its weight onto her body. She wrapped her legs around his shaft as much as she could, and began to stroke his glans, rubbing her hands over all along the sensitive edge.
    She had it! The solution to the dilemma! He had a large nerve cord just beneath the tip, like most men. His, however stood out like a length of rope, a ridge three inches deep, and was just wide enough...yes! She spread herself wide, sliding the nerve cord up and down her cunt, rubbing her clit along its length. She could tell by his breathing and heartbeat that he could feel it as well, and was responding to the intense pleasure. She occasionally scooped his freely flowing pre-cum and lathered the nerve cord for extra lubrication.
    She stroked his sensitive tip with her buttery-soft gloves, while rubbing her tits against its lower edge. Meanwhile, she squeezed his shaft with her long, long leather-clad legs, while bucking her hips to slide herself along his pleasure-ridge. She began to build to a climax, and moaned involuntarily with each buck of the hips, while he groaned a little with each stroke along his shaft. When she could hold on no longer, she bit at the soft flesh just beneath his hole, and this pushed him over the top as well.
    He shouted, and she screamed as they orgasmed in perfect unison. His first blasts of semen shot way over her head to the table beyond, and she greedily sucked in as much as she could as it began to ooze down onto her.

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