the best party

Posted by claire danes on November 14, 2003 at 23:00:15:

the best party
by claire danes

it was 2:00pm at matt's home. the girls were sure to arrive any second now. matt was excited
about the party he had planed. he had put up a sign in his neighborhood about a party at his
place. the sign had said girls only and he knew that all of the sexy women who lived by him
would show up thinking that it was gonna be a great party. but it would only be great for matt.
the doorbell rang and matt looked out of his window to see three girls standing there. he knew
all 3 of them. there was rachel,sara and mary. he quickly opened the door and invited them in.
he prepared some nice drinks for them and mixed in a secret powder that he had bought from a
old lady. the lady said it would shrink whoever tasted it to the size of a small paper clip.
matt brought the drinks to the girls and sat them down on the sofa and started talking with them
matt was begining to get worried when after ten minutes and the girls were still the same hight.
he had a big plan for them but he need them to shrink it would not work. after another five
minutes rachel got up to go to the bathroom. matt showed her the way and then returned to the
went back to the kitchen and thought about putting more powder in some more drinks for the girls
but he decided not to. he did not want to scare off the girls by getting them drunk. he went to
the living room to see how sara and mary were. he looked for them but did not see them. he
was now scared that they might of left while he was gone but then he saw something move on the
couch. he got close and look and there was mary. she was just standing there no taller than a
paper clip just like the old lady said so. the doorbell rang agian and matt looked out the window
to see five more girls at the door. he quickly grabed mary and put her in his pocket. he looked
around the sofa hoping to find sara. he then saw her running into the kitchen as fast as she
could. but because of her size matt caught her in about four steps. he also put her in his
pocket and went to the bath room to find rachel. she was there on the floor looking up at him.
he grabed her and decided to stuff her in his boxers for now. he ran to the door and let the
five new girls in. he sat them down and prepared them drinks with the powder in it and then
went to the bathroom to deal with the 3 tiny girls he had in his pants. he pull sara and mary
out of his pockets and reach in his boxers and found rachel. he set all 3 of them on the sink
counter and thought about what he would do with them. matt then droped his pants and order the
3 tiny girls to suck his dick! none of the girls moved. they were all to scare. he grabed sara
and bent over with his ass facing the other girls. he then spread his cheeks and shoved sara all the
way up his ass right in front of the girls. rachel and mary watched as sara dissapeared into
matt's giant hole. Now suck my dick u 2 tiny bitchs or you can live in my ass like sara matt
demanded. the girls hoped onto his dick and started licking it and sucking on it. matt moaned
and smiled and ordered the girls to do a better job or else. they were trying hard but rachel
seem to be doing a much worse job then mary so he grabed her and shoved her up his ass just
like sara. out of pure fright mary started sucking much harder and better intill matt's dick
let out a huge blast of cum that covered mary from head to toe.he grabed her and washed her off
and then even though she had done a good job he still shove her up his ass. he knew by now that
the girls in the living room were shrunk so he just went in there naked and ready for some more fun.
he found the five girls on the sofa all together in one little group. they looked scared and were
frightened by matt's size. he also knew these girls. there was linda,lucy,cary,katie and debra.
he ordered the girls to do what ever it took to please him or else they would be shoved up his ass.
to prove the girls that he was not joking he bent over and placed his ass a few feet from them
and started pushing. after a few minutes rachel came sliding out. then mary and sara too. the 5
girls watched in horror as the 3 girls fell out of his ass and onto the couch about a foot away
from them. the 3 girls ran to the other five and they all just stood there. matt was so happy.
he had 8 girls to play with and he had all the time in the world. but then the doorbell rang.
matt looked out the window and saw 2 men. fred and danny were outside. rachel was freds wife
and linda was dannys wife. fuck matt thought. they must be here for the party too. but i said only
girls. matt did not know what to do. the doorbell rang agian and matt grabed the 8 girls and
put them in cup and hid them and then put his pants back on and opened the door. he let danny
and fred in and put on a mixed cd and dicided to fix up some drinks for them too. he put the powder
in the drinks and served them and ran up stairs to his room. matt was running low on shrinking
mix and he did not know what to if more husbands showed up for the party and wanted to know
where there wifes were. he went back down stairs to find fred and danny on the couch no taller
than a paper clip. he grabed both of them and got the cup with all of the girls and put everyone
on the couch. fred and danny went to there wifes and conforted them. fred shouted something
at matt but matt could not hear him with the music. so he grabed fred and put him by his ear
to hear him better. what the fuck is going on matt! fred said. why are we like this and what the
hell did u do to my wife. she said u stuck her in your ass. is this true fred asked. matt decided
not to deal with fred he bent over and placed his ass right in front of rachel and stuck fred up his
ass. hey rachel your husbands up my ass! matt said and then grabed all of the tiny people. one
by one he stuck them up his ass intill all of 10 of them were trapped in his anus. he felt the 10
people moving around in his ass. fighting to get free and that made matt feel like he was king
of the world. then the chicken dance came on the stereo and matt started dancing to it doing
the chicken dance naked. matt thought to his self and said if someone would have told me that
i would be dancing naked to the chicken dance with 10 people trapped in my ass i would have
said i wish. matt kept on dancing and fell asleep later and in the morning he woke up feeling
the 10 people fighting to get out of his ass. he just smiled and got dressed.he was happy knowing
that he had given all of them a good home up his anus and every time he farted he knew how much
they hated it and that just made his life better.