VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

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    (contains graphic sexual and language content)

    By Talisman

    Through the humid thick jungle, with all itís vegetation still wet from the last moments downpour, he trumped on Thick trees bend like rubber as his great feet trod them down, nothing can escape the wrath he brings when he goes through. From the initial moment his thunderous steps are heard, he is upon you. While you scatter like the rest of the insignificant creatures beneath him, you could easily end up in his path as you stare in awe at his massive girth.
    Itís like the final apocalypse has come forward itself.

    He makes his way to the flowing rhythm ahead, as the humming is intoxicating to him, as he distinguishes the sound and vibration with his urges.

    Another fair tiny creature has been laid out on the ceremonial rock for his pleasure. As he moves forward with thunderous steps, the tiny creature could be heard screaming from the top of her lungs as she comes to the reality of her peril.
    The giant stops momentarily to gaze upon his newest acquisition before staring up at the mountain top from which this creatures clan keeps itself out of his reach.
    The tiny female could only hold up her arms for defense as the massive hand reaches down from the tremendous heights of itís commander.
    Once in his fingers grips, he pulls her easily away from her meager ties. She is brought up to the dizzying heights to the increasingly expanding giant.
    Up to his face, he stares at her feeble attempts to keep him at bay from his fist. The giant only scoffs out loud with a tremendous roar.
    With no regard to his prey, he merely brings the female down toward his crotch area, and snuggles her into his erection. Once inside, he grapples his gigantic cock and continues to masturbate with the enclosed plaything.

    Inside the hot and moist loins, the female is ever increasingly being manhandled, mashed and coated with numerous extractionís of his cream.
    No longer does she grab a hold of a area of skin to cling on to, when suddenly she is thrust into another part of the genitalia. Outside oblivious to her moans and screams, the giant could feel his crescendo reaching epic proportions, when he finally succumbs to his erection.
    She is tormented by continuous mounds and mounds of thick cream, gushing down on her putrid body. She holds her breath at intervals between soakings, and screams out load to her deaf tormentor. Another load upon load is shot down to her as the giant is now grunting so loud the trees below are shaking in their roots. He pounds the fragile ground with every elapse.

    Finally at his end, the giant rests his huge body down and rests awhile, he drifts off into a slight slumber, before waking abruptly. As he gathers to his feet, he reaches into his crotch and feels for his play-thing, convinced of her demise, he pulls the tiny body out of itís slimy cocoon, and drops it to the ground before him like some spent food.
    She looks up from her paralyze just in time to see the shadow come upon her.

    The giant didnít notice or care of the slight squishing sensation beneath his feet as he took his steps back to his domain.

    The mate heard his approach and met him at the entrance of the makeshift hut. She watched as he walked toward her. his dark skin, his wild hair and muscular 6 Ď4 frame body flexed with each movement toward her. She herself stood a mere 6Ē0 and also possessed a dark tinge to her soft complexion. Her hair hung long and was colored auburn. She vaguely remembers her other life back in civilization, it was so many years ago when she was lost in the jungles just off Peru. She was only a child at the time, somewhere between eight and nine years old. Her first few nights were a blur, until she met up with Gwar her now lover. He was a child himself, having been orphaned some time ago, he was left to his wits and survived despite all the turmoil. With Gwarís help, Candice, as her name once was, only now Gwar call her Bahla. Was able to exist and thrive under the extreme conditions. She knew he came from the tiny village, there were many of them throughout the jungle, and a sort of agreement had been reached with itís tiny inhabitants and both Gwar and Bahla, they would be given sacrifice tokens for their disposal in return for peace. The nonverbal agreement was reached when Bahla was presented with a first villager. She held the tiny docile female in her hands, caressing itís soft skin and the angles of itís svelte body. Candice held onto the tiny captive for some time before finally giving in to temptation of the flesh and eventually used the tiny female for her pleasure until it went limp in her grip.
    Since then she and Gwar held the ritual weekly taking two at a time when they both would venture to one of the villages, taking their prizes home greedily, they would ignite the night with their pleasure screams of passion, relating their satisfaction with the nights offerings.

    Gwar came up to Bahla and presented her with a kiss, she kissed him back and held on to his arm till she had him laying down on top of her. Gwar pulled out his again erect penis and injected her deep. Bahla screamed with acceptance and furthered his entrance more as she lurched her body up and down. The two had intercourse for some hours until Gwar tired and was spent. Both retired to the outdoors and watched the sun rise for the new day.

    It was later in the day, close to evening that both Gwar and Bahla were strolling through the thicket of the east side of the island, as they made their way across the jungle floor, they had come upon two villagers squirming around in the bushes below. Bahla saw them first and kneeled down for a closer look. The started couple were shocked at the sight of the huge face peering down at them, obviously involved in a romp of their own. The male got up and grabbed a spear just next to him on the floor, he quickly released it into Bahla direction. She brushed off the intruding stick which merely brushed her cheek. The male angered by the failure to thwart the giant intruder, resorted to throwing dirt, rocks and whatever else he could lay his hands on. Bahla was beginning to get flustered by the continuous flying debris at her face, and finally flicked the tiny man off his feet and some yards away he landed. The tiny female began to scream and tried to run to her fallen lover. She was quickly snatched up by Bahla and lifted up to Gwar, who was standing and watching it all. The two giants stood and played with the tiny screaming female in Bahlaís palm. The play time was interrupted when the male returned now at Bahla feet and was stabbing into her toes with the spear. Bahla raised her foot in annoyance and slammed it down on the offending male below. He was squashed to a pulp instantly. Bahla didnít pay much mind to the remains below her foot, and coerced Gwar to make love to her with their recent acquisition.
    The female was treated to the most sadistic display of sexual torture ever unleashed as Bahla and Gwarís libido was unleashed without mercy. After being forced to with Bahlaís hand to rub the giant erection of Gwar, she was then thrust into her deep cavernous clitoris. Time and agiain, Gwar thrust his hard penis into her vagina, totally mashing the tiny female to a paste inside.
    As the giant couple finished their love making, Bahla chose to leave the corpse inside and simply discard her with her next bowl movement.

    Word got out from the village from which the two lovers came from. The remains of the male were found and to the shock of the fellow villagers, the only result was that the giants caused this killing. They later found the disposed remains of the female almost lost in the waste of the giants, which were normally found throughout the island. After some conference with the neighboring villages, a act of war was professed.
    The attach was issued to begin on the second night of the gruesome discovery. While all the villages prepared for what was to become a bloody battle with the giants. Weapons were amassed, and traps were set throughout the jungle from the vicinity of the giantís territory.
    The second night came and the different columns of warriors assembled throughout the enemy territory. As the different ranks flanked themselves around the perimeter, a scout party went in to draw out the giants.
    Bahla and Gwar were lounging in their makeshift bed listening to the wild in the night air. Bahla rested securely in Gwars arms unaware of the approaching menace. Gwar scented the intrusion first as he rose up and sniffed the air. He made his way to the entrance and drew in the outside air. He sensed the urgency of the intrusion. He sensed but a few in the weeds and trampled outside to investigate.
    Bahla rose out of bed and followed her lover out. As she caught up to him just a few yards from their hut, they were blasted with the explosion of fire beneath their feet. In an instant they were splattered with assailant spears and rocks. Gwar knocked them aside as he tried desperately to catch a view of how many of them there were. Bahla resorted to stomping the ground as she tried to make each step count. Both giants managed no kill shots as they stomped blindly on the ground. The scout party had already made their escape and were now devising a means to draw the giants out further. Gwar saw the disturbance from just out of his vision. He stomped forward making his way to the area in mere moments. He barely stepped into the trap when he lost his balance and fell hard into the freshly dug ditch. Gwar nursed his ankle as he tried to rise above the rising dust. Bahla growled at the predicament of her lover, and raced forward to his rescue. She too was taken by surprise as another trap caught her feet as she passed through it.
    A great rock was signaled for release. Upon itís drop, the rope sprang up from the grasses, and tightened their grip around the giantesses feet. She was summarily tripped up and fell not to far from Gwar. Bahla screamed with anguish as she called out for Gwar. The giant man finally made his way out of the ditch and limped his way to her. he caught her arm and raised her up. Finding the ropes tied to her feet, he pulled the ropes and raised the rock back up from itís depths.
    The rock flew straight up and began itís descend onto the startled villagers below. It came crashing down crushing a number of the villagers caught by itís surprise flight. It then rolled toward the incline taking out a few more fleeing warriors in itís path.
    Gwar ripped the ropes to shreds and picked up Bahla to her feet. Both giants enraged started toward the opposite end of the jungle and stomped their way for their own attack.

    The village stood silent except for the odd rumblings from far away, most of the women and older men left behind circumvented around a large fire and offered prayers and charms for their comrades successful return.
    The large pounding was masked by the distant thunder approaching the island. It would not be realized to the victims until the giants were practically on top them.
    Total pandemonium ensued as the villagers scattered like ants from a picnic. Bahla and Gwar made fast work as they mercilessly stomped the tiny beings, leaving them in clumps in their foot falls. Bahla began to depart from her lovers side and take on her own destructive path through the village interior.
    Many females running for their lives were met with the same agony, as her gigantic feet dropped their immense weight on top of them. They were crushed in groups of tens, as each time Bahla took her steps, another small groupings of squashed villagers were left in her wake. She resorted to take her frustrations on the weak and old, as she picked them up from their beds and crushed their lives out in her fists. Slowly getting over her anger, she then began to stuff many of her captives into her vulva and buttocks. Relieving herself in the heat of battle, she would blow the remnants out of her buttocks with her flatulence, sending them to their deaths as they pounded the ground like stones.
    Gwar instilled his own torture as he laid to waste the many female villagers he came across in his path. Entire huts were squashed to flat straw, totally annihilating the inhabitants within. He too took to store some of the females he snatched up and into his buttocks and crotch. Taking to jacking off every once in a while as he watched the death throes of the tiny beings beneath his huge feet.
    The whole village was left in ruins, as the giants stomped out toward the next. Flattened inside the great footprints, lay the huts, villagers, old and young alike.
    For the next couple of hours, the same scenario was rehashed again and again, as Gwar and Bahla lay waste each village they found. After annihilating the remaining villages, they took from each captives to take back to their domain. It was now their rule that the entire island was to live to, as the two giants stashed the captives inside clay jars. They then embarked on to hunt down the armies sent out to destroy them.

    The battle was bloody as predicted, and unfortunately for the warriors, the devastation was wide and complete. Only some survived and were quickly retrieved by the giants to serve as slaves back at the giants nest.
    As time wore on the few remaining captives were relegated to sexual toys, and were used up nightly, as Bahla and Gwarís sexual appetite never declined or recessed itself, before long more villages were found, and this time the peace effort was never looked for by either Bahla or Gwar, as they lay their retribution on the hapless villagers.

    The island, a small sort of mix of rock, organic vegetation and fossilized mountain ranges, stood amongst the many others surrounding itís perimeter.
    Unknown to the rest of the world, a dominant force inhabited it and ruled over itís dominion of inhabitants. On some quiet nights, you could hear the pleasure throes coming from itís interior. And it would become such a mystery as to the many others who sail by.