bath time

Posted by sassybutch on January 21, 2003 at 08:29:32:

I was sick with the flu so I figured a hot bath would do me good. But as
I ran the water to get hot I noticed a couple small figures climb out of
the drain, just in time before they would have been washed away. I jumped
back and let out a little scream. Baby cockroaches? No, it was miniature
people. I raised my foot to step on them inside the tub, but paused at
the last second and thought, hmmmm, I could use this little couple in my
bath for extra pleasure! How handy! So I put both feet in the tub and
laughed as they tried to scurry away, terribly shaken from the close call.
"don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you" I said soothingly, "tell me
your names, I think we can get along fine." They sat trembling, looking
up at my giant naked body, not knowing what to say or do. They knew they
couldn't make it up the slippery porcelain walls out of the tub. they
were trapped inside it with me. As this realization dawned on them I
could see the fear come into their eyes. "No fair!" I said, "I'm all
naked and you two aren't. Take off those burdensome clothes! we'll enjoy
this bath together" I said sweetly. They didn't move; they were frozen
with fear. "Cmon little ones" I said nudging them with my big toe, then
suddenly changing demeanor "!" I ordered.
Finally they got up and scrambled to get their clothes off. I picked up
the clothing and tossed it into the trash can, flashing a smile "well, we
won't be needing those anymore!" The couple exchanged a fearful glance.
they looked uncomfortable, trying to cover themselves a little with their
arms and hands. The water was warm and it began collecting in the tub. I
leaned back against the end of the tub and poked them again with my big
toe. "no covering! stand up straight! don't be embarrassed. I want to
see your whole bodies." I ran the tip of my toe along each of their
bodies slowly, uncrossing their arms, eyeing them approvingly. then
suddenly, I knocked each one over, splashing back into the water. They
sputtered to get up and found me laughing with my head thrown back. "You
little ones are FUN! Now, lets get down to business. You, girl, rub this
aching foot of mine, and you boy, rub the other one." Each one hesitantly
moved towards a foot, fearful of being knocked over again. I jerked one
foot toward the girl and she jumped back and fell in the water. "Ha ha ha
ha! scared ya! go on, I won't do that again, go on rub my foot." they
started rubbing and I leaned back into the water, closing my eyes. As the
water rose, I let my feet float to keep them on the surface. without
opening my eyes, I yelled commands, "put your back into it! lick it
clean! put that little body in between my toes and clean!" That went on
for 15 minutes or so, after which the tub was full and I turned the water
off. I looked down at the pathetic little figures, and felt a little mean
streak come on. "You two are pitiful! You call that a foot massage?
I'll show you a foot massage!" and I plunged my feet into the water and
ground them against the bottom of the tub with the balls of my feet. Then
I released them and watched them pop to the surface. "how did you like
that you whining pathetic bitches?" and I popped them under a few more
times with each foot, laughing out loud as they came sputtering to the
surface each time. I faked a frown, "what's the matter, you guys can't
appreciate a good time or what? Party poopers! I know how we can liven
this up...I want to see some action! you two fuck, right? don't think I
dno't know! well I want to see it!!" and I placed them on my breasts,
right at water level. I reached one hand down to play with my own clit,
and started giving them orders. "start kissing" the hesitantly moved
toward each other and attempted a stiff kiss. "NO!!" I screamed, grabbing
the girl with my free hand and dunking her "you realllly have to kiss!" I
put her back "try again." this time they put a little more spirit into
it, glancing at me sidways to judge my reaction. "that's it" I nodded.
"Now get on your knees, slut. NOW!" she did it. "hold his cock in your
hands and put his balls in your mouth" they performed perfectly. "stroke
it, stroke it, make your man happy like a good slut!" He got hard despite
himself. "good boy, now fill up her slutty mouth with it! and you, slut,
run your fingers along his asshole" they did as told and he shivered from
the anal touch. I was getting more and more aroused, playing with myself
the whole time. "hold her head in your hands and pull her onto your hard
cock!" I began gyrating my pelvis, creating waves in the tub. they had
to struggle to keep upright in the knee deep (to them) water on my chest.
"slut, turn around and stick your ass up to him, boy get on your knees and
fuck her." the girl was crying, but I said "you better not stop fucking
her, fuck her harder than you ever have before". I gyrated and moaned,
yelling "harder!" and "fuck her!" "fuck that dirty slut!" until I reached
climax. I grrabed both of them and stuffed them into my vagina which
sqeezed rhythmically around them with the convulsions of my orgasm.