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The Bargot Spray One: The Wasp
Friday, 17-Mar-2000 11:39:01 writes:

    The earth has been attacked by a race of aesexual space fairing called Bargots. When they attacked, hundreds of men where killed and hundreds of women were abducted. The Bargots, shrink their abducted women and use them in "games" to test their survival stratigies. They also spray their victims with chemicals that will make them sexually attractive to male animals in case they escape. The human race is in tatters.

    Part One

    "Be careful," shouted one Bargot in "his" own language.
    Too late. The cage fell and and the door broke open. The captives fled and the Bargots scrambled to catch them. After much running to and fro, all but one was recaptured.
    Martha curled up in a hole she found under a stone. When it was finally quite, she crawled out. The Bargots where gone. She was free for now.
    Great, now what would she do? At slightly over an inch tall, she didn't feel very capable. Well, she'd better be capable of getting a move one. The Bargots might be back. She started walking over the sandy, almost desert ground.
    She couldn't believe that this had happened. She'd always scoffed at the idea of aliens coming to earth. Sure, she thought that there was life on other planets, but didn't see any reason why'd they'd come. Well they did and for a while she'd been a slave.
    She heard a buzzing and looked up. An insect was hovering overhead. It was hard to tell, but it looked a little longer than she was tall. No matter. Being an entomologist, she recognized as a male of one of the wasp species in the area. The wingless females used their powerful stingers to paralyze prey for their young, but the males were harmless.
    Just as she was about to go on her way, the buzzing grew lounder. The male wasp was swooping down. Martha felt a rush of fear and fled. She couldn't imagine why it would attack unless everything she'd learned about the species had been wrong, but it was attacking.
    She didn't get far. The creature curled its legs around her body and flew back to the air. Martha squirmed and kicked to free herself. She was more afraid of what the wasp would than what the fall would do. The insect tighten its grip. Then, Martha felt something touch her between her legs.
    It came to her. This was how the speceis mated. But she wasn't a wasp. Martha struggled harder, but there was no escaping the creatures grasp. She felt its gentiles enter her. Suddenly, there was a shrill sound and it dropped her. Martha felt a instant of relief followed by terror as she fell, and landed in a hand.
    Martha looked up and saw partly bald man. Her heart was pounding. It was a relief to see a regular sized human who wasn't dead, but she was so vulnerable.
    "Don't be afraid," he said. "I won't hurt you."
    When Martha didn't respond, he set her on the ground.
    "There," he said. "if you run I won't follow you, but you need to trust me."
    Martha thought. Maybe he was telling the truth. Even if he wasn't, what chance did she have at the size she was? There were other wasps and worse things.
    "Thank you for saving my life," said Martha. "Who are you?"
    "Gregory. I'm part of the resistance movement. We live in an underground chamber. Their are chamber for victims of the shrink treatment like you. We can also help rid you of the effects of the sex spray."
    "Sex spray?"
    "While you were unconcious from the shrink treatemnt the Bargots sprayed you with pheramones to attract male animals. That why that wasp attacked you. It's hope the Bargots punish people for escaping."
    "Great, even you escape, you don't."
    "If you trust me, I'll take you to the base. You'll live in peace as long the Bargots don't find us."
    Martha hesistated, and then agreed. She wasn't sure if she'd made the right choice. Even after she saw the shrunken community and was welcomed by its resisdents.
    But when she had home with electricity and running water and saw that they made life as normal as possible for the shrunken women. She knew it had been the right choice.
    She was safe. The others found by the resistance in the future would be safe. As long as the base wasn't located by the Bargots, that wouldn't change.
    Maybe someday earth would be free. Until then, the resistance would make things a little better.

    (O.K., so happy ending aren't the norm on this board. I'm a rebel. Besides, I like the "something terrible almost happens but resuced just in time theme.)

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