VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

Sunday, 26-Mar-2000 01:06:01 writes:

    By Talisman

    The girls were wild tonight. All four clad in tight tops, slinky pants if any. Patricia was obviously the ringleader of this pack as she planned the evening for them. Vicki, Tamara, and Joy were quite content to let her lead the way.
    After clubbing it a few hours, they stopped for a bite, then headed to the party Patty promised all night.
    The house seemed too quiet to hold any wild party tonight, thought the girls, Patty wouldn’t hear of it as she led them to the front door. Two gents answered the door and let the girls in. Patty clowned around with the two guys, as the other three strolled around the house empty of any other soles other than those two.
    Within a halfhour the bottles were flowing and the ghangia was cooking. The three girls were quite baked as they changed their tune. Patty was busy being passed around between the two guys laps, and urging the other three to drink on.
    Vicki felt it first as she started to feel dizzy. Tamara was then next, and then followed by Joy. Patty having gone through this before, went with the effects and let herself flow down.
    All three girls woke up at once and found themselves laid out on a expansive floor. They each rose up to find each one nude. As each covered themselves and tried to search for anything familiar, they were suddenly doused in a warm glow from above. All three screamed as they all gazed up upon the gigantic human figure.
    She stood probably 6”2 but from the three girls vantage point, she stood some 80 feet tall. She was heavy set, long hippyish style hair, mountainous blobs of breast jetting outwards and down. Her legs were massive and long. Her feet stretched back and wide, and rivaled any large bus or semi trailer.
    As the three girls tried to turn back they were met by Patty, who herself was also their same size. “Hey girls welcome to the party.” She giggled as she looked up at the giantess.
    The room lit up bright as the noise became thunderously loud. The two guys were now equally as large as the woman and were nude except for shorts. They were now groping down at the terrified girls. Vicki was snatched up by Pete, while Tamara was picked by Steve. Joy herself ran forward and was snatched in full flight by the woman, Carrie.
    Patty strolled over to Carrie as well and swung her arms up to be grabbed.
    Carrie reached down and also raise her up to her chest.
    Patty disembarked from Carrie’s hand onto the gigantic breast. Her knees sank in the soft flesh as she crawled over to find a starting point.
    As Patty began to caress and kiss the massive flesh, Joy was put to service at Carrie’s bush. Carrie wasted no time in pleasing herself as she stuffed the hapless girl straight in without much struggle. Carrie searched for a seat and enjoyed the tiny morsel inside sitting. She laid a massive hand on top of Patty as she began to stroke her breasts.
    Steve took up Tamara to his waist and dropped her into his shorts. He adjusted himself before grabbing hold and jacking off. Pete was sitting on a couch and fondling the tiny squirming and squeaking Vicki in his hand. “Oh your so fragile, I can crush you instantly, little missy. Why don’t you shut up so you can suck me off?” Steve talked down to her. Pete stopped masturbating, and dropped his shorts. The tiny Tamara tumbled with them and ended up caught up in them on the floor. As Pete stepped out of them, he snatched up the tiny girl with his clenched toes and dragged his feet over to Carrie. Picking off the tiny balled up girl in his toe, Pete stuffed her into Carrie’s lips before shoving his cock hard and deep into Carrie. Carrie sucked and licked the tiny girl clean within her mouth, as Pete increased his jam and pumped her firm and hard. Carrie kept stroking her breasts with Patty in tow, while suckling the tiny Tamara along her tongue.
    As Pete reached his orgasm, Carrie was on her second, and both giants gorged in moans and groans of passion. As Carrie reached her third climax, she bit hard and snapped Tamara’s spine. Blood trickled down her lips and chin as she tasted the salty residue. She quenched her taste buds and sucked the mortal wounded girl within her mouth. Pete pulled out and sat back, as he caught his breath. He noticed right away as the limp body of Joy lay in waste on Carrie’s vaginal lips.
    Steve had since thrust Vicki into his cock and was beating her with it as he jacked of between pummels. Vicki was loosing consciousness, as the massive cock was leaving her black and blue. Steve finally reached his climax as he left the limp girl to soak in his cum.
    Carrie finished suckling and smacked her lips as she swallowed the limp morsel down her throat. She looked over at Steve and winked. Steve got up and walked over to her. As he stood there over her, Vicki lost her grip and fell down to Carrie’s feet. Carrie looked down and laid a huge wide foot on the laid out girl. With one cushioned step, she laid it flat and spread her legs for Steve to enter.

    The wee hours of the morning were whining , As Patty stood before Carrie on the couch. Carrie gathering her clothes and was setting up her bra and panties. Patty dared to speak. “Well did I please you?” Carrie looked down and slid into her panties before strapping on her bra. “Oh the night isn’t over yet, we’re still going to my place.” Carrie then snatched up Patty firmly in her fist. She then brought her just above her cup. “My boyfriend is going to flip when he sees you.” Carrie then drops a chattering Patty down into her flabby breast. Carrie stands up and slides on her pants, and slips into her shoes. She adjust her bra up and slips on her blouse, before stepping over the downed guys sleeping it off on the floor.