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Story"Appetite for Destruction"
Friday, 18-Feb-2000 23:39:30 writes:

    Appetite for Destruction

    By Talisman

    The rumblings could be heard from miles around, many settling in for the night thought of it as a thunder storm approaching. Shutters were locked, doors and windows were shut, and the tiny bedroom community settled in for the storm.

    He kept his approach, the smells were getting stronger, and he knew fresh meat was at hand. In the short distance ahead he spotted the scattered light of the sleeping township. His mouth salivated as he became excited on another trounce.
    He barreled in without abandon and descended upon his first selection. The house came close to his calves, and as he ventured around it he leaned down to view the inside. Sitting on a couch together were Martha and Barry Cole. A middle aged couple living in town for half their lives. Both were glued to the television and didn’t sense any goings on outside. He clamored as he lifted his entire bulk and swung his hand into the roof.
    The couple jumped to their feet as the entire roof collapsed on them. As he began to push away the debris, he felt away for any signs of them with his probing fingers.
    He came upon a pair of legs, and instinctually pulled them toward the light. It was Martha. She screamed as she suddenly gazed upon the giant. Standing enormously aloof high above the holed roof, the giant smiled and gleamed at his first find. “She would make a good feel.” He thought to himself. He cupped the tiny screaming woman in his fist and brought her outside. Walking away to a couple of large trees to lean against, he looked like a huge child playful in his new toy.
    He sat down, causing a minor tremor, wearing only assorted tarps across is vast build, and he tore away the material from his crotch. Instantly his enormous cock appeared in fine form. Protruding outward, thick and tall, it easily dwarfed any of the assorted large trees littered among his ruins.
    The giant produced the tiny woman from his enclosed fist. She was unconscious and lay crumpled in his palm. Regardless of this he placed her body atop of his mushroomed head. He stroked her body around his slit, and made wide swaths around in and around his foreskin. Each time he made a round, her tiny body would be removed and adjusted for the next turn, slowly being covered in his slim; her body would drag extracts from his wet penis.
    The giant was in his glory, and was intent on using this first victim to her limit, alive or dead.
    He increased his rate of speed, and was now flagrantly mashing and bashing her body around his groin for just pure eroticism.
    Barry managed to break out from the damage and appear outside. His first vision would horrify him to disbelief. As he watched the enormous giant use his wife like some kinky sex adage. Barry fell to be knees and cried. “Noooooooo”
    The giant neither heard nor saw the devastated man screaming up to him from the broken house. He merely kept up with the erotic masturbation. The tiny woman was now crumpled around his thick fingers and meaty head. Her head was slowly being forced into the slit of the giant’s cock.
    Barry got his nerve and picked up his shotgun from the ground. He ran to the foot of the giant and aimed a shot.
    The giant felt a tiny pinprick on his leg, and rubbed it like a bug sting. Another string of stings brought his attention forward as he then spotted the tiny man trying to reload. Laughing to himself, the giant reached out his hand and plucked the tiny man in mid drift, raising him to his face. “Well little bug, came to watch me use the little woman? I must say, I am getting quite good use of her, don’t think there will be anything left over for you, but then neither will you be.” The giant mocked the tiny struggling man in his grip. “ In the meantime how about joining in on the fun, she’s almost done.”
    Barry was dropped on the fat belly of the giant. He rolled over until he fell in the thick bush of the giant crotch.
    Barry became entangled in the nest, and was only able to watch in anguish, as the giant’s cock slowly absorbed Martha.
    The giant moaned in delight, as he was able to get the tiny woman halfway in his slit. He then felt his urge pulsate forth and gushed out his delight. The powerful eruption deplored the tiny woman out and over the body of the giant onto the ground below. The steady stream of flow caught Barry by surprise and engulfed him instantly.
    The giant didn’t necessary like the men he found but the thought of messing them up did intrigue him somewhat.
    Standing to his full 100-foot height, the giant roared his delight and stepped forward toward the still tiny woman discarded earlier. As he approached her he took delight in applying his entire foot on her whole being. The foot coming down like some fleshy curtain of doom, she disappeared from beneath the massive foot. As it lifted, only the huge crater was left, her scrambled remains remained pasted to his dirty sole, as he walked on to his next buffet.

    Numerous neighbors were out checking out the distant rumblings, the rumors were abound as to the exact reasons for the mystery. Everything from a terrible bombs, to plane crash. The crowds were gathering toward one of the homes on the street. A disagreement developed as to the position to take.
    The arguing went on unaware to the approaching thunder just on the horizon. The figure started to take shape as it closed in on the skycap. It was only a few that finally took sight of the heightening figure. They’re mouths drooped and they’re eyes almost popped as they finally conceived the terrible truth.
    “My god! It’s a monster! Run! Run!” the voices seemed to chime in unison. Most of the crowd looked on in wonder as they took a while to comprehend the situation.
    His every step broke the ground in cracks; whole trees collapsed beneath his tremendous weight, anything that was in his path would be rendered destroyed and flattened. He chuckled to himself as two tiny figures were caught in his pathway. Desperately they tried to get from under him, but each time his feet would send them in fits trying to divert his destructive path. It was only final when he took that extra step and completely squashed them flat. Both mashed corpses would travel with his sole momentarily as he continued to walk toward the suburbs.
    The crowds began to scatter in panic and screams. The scene was mayhem as cars took off; families gathered eachother and ran to the woods beyond the limit. Others ran to the sanctuary of they’re homes.
    Like matchbox playthings these houses would dissolve under his feet. He was taking out almost two houses at a time between both feet. The ground was littered with broken structures, trees, holed streets and sidewalks. Clustered around were huge footfalls measuring some 25 feet in length, encasing mounds of mangled and mashed bodies. The giant laughed loudly as he was amusing himself with some of his captives. Like tiny ants in his grips, he was applying many of the females against his crotch region, while keeping the males stuffed into his midsection for a later snack.
    The moans of pain and anguish as many females expired to the pressure of his sexual anxieties. Compressed to his cock region were many minions of them, some unrecognizable, others semi conscious. The giant kept on his titanic hunger for sexual release and began to stuff many of the captives into his cock slits, anus. While crumbling many others beneath his balls.
    The giant took his position on the vary properties which held the vary houses he utterly destroyed. Laid back on his buttocks, he played with himself, and moaned to the slaughter of his sexual toys.
    Later the evening being spent, the sight of the giant’s figure could be seen raping another community in the distant. The one just visited left in total ruins and crushed death. Homes, people, animals, vegetation. All went to his gigantic appetite. In the next days of investigation, many of the peoples that once lived here would be found to be missing.

    He gorged himself on his bounty. Utter handfuls of screaming and squirming people were scooped up and dumped into his open maw. He lavished in the crunch and squirting within his mouth. The salty taste and texture quenched his appetite. He dined on the whole catch, leaving nothing to spare. Rising up The giant lumbered on to the next destination.
    Another community in chaos, as word came through of the invasion. Most were caught by surprise as the giant converged upon them in a vengeful state. He didn’t appeal to any thought of mercy as he quashed old and young alike. To him they were but insects for his evil bidding. What he didn’t crush, he gathered and stored away. Others still, especially the females, he again parlayed his sexual appetite on they’re bodies.
    As the giant scooped up the many minions of females scattering around, other fainted to the scene only to be plucked up or squished beneath his prying fingers. One older woman screamed, as she became conscious in time to witness herself being stuffed into the giant navel. Another woman was utterly frantic as her body was rolled up in a ball and stuffed mercilessly into the giant’s cock slit. Again and again the happening went on, and with it accompanied death.
    He was satisfied just feeling one anymore; he requested many to sacrifice for his ultimate release.
    The giant rose up his girth and steered toward an opening. As he squatted over, the surprise was on the unfortunate dwellers that took refuge under the brush. They didn’t move not wanting to be spotted. After witnessing the horrific scene, they didn’t dare move, even now as he came near. To they’re dismay, they were caught in the giants aim as he finished squatting and began to defecate down.
    The sky was literally crumbling down as many now charged out from they’re hiding, only to be knocked and plunged down into the heavy waste laid down on them. Most had no way of defending themselves and perished under the vary weight and suffocating pressure. Others were trapped as they tried to traverse in and around it all.
    The giant finished and rose up, adjusting himself briefly he walked back toward the housing area, leaving the clearing littered in his waste, and squirming bodies.

    The announcements came through loud and clear. “Citizens leave your homes immediately, it may be too late for some of you as the doom may be present with you now, but for the others, you may still have time, make your way to the nearest city and head to the bomb shelters. If you have one of your own, go into it now. The invader, is without prejudice and mercy, please take shelter now!”

    Whole country sides were taken in one evening, by daylight the giant seemed destined to keep going.
    Armies and airforce seemed unable to shake him, as he fought them hard at every step. The weapons seemed useless.
    Whole tank divisions were left in disarray and destroyed like toys scattered in a kid’s playroom. The giant seemed on his way to continue his wave on a truly metropolis form. As you read this, a black out has incurred. The inevitable is certain.