VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

Wednesday, 08-Mar-2000 17:18:39 writes:

    By Talisman

    Bon couldnít believe his fortune as he held the first body in his hand, measuring only at around 4 inches long, immaculate brown, long brushy dark hair. These females looked as human as he, except for the difference in size. He looked closely at her and held back the excitement as he finally held on to his ultimate fantasy. Every since he became sexually active he knew something about him was different. He loved women and all, except he had this incredible urge at dominating them totally. He often imagined himself of gigantic structure and standing over minions of tiny women only there for his amusement. Now for all attempts and purposes he has found a connection. Ozaoto, a dealer he has heard of through the years. At first thought as only myth, but now the proof is in his grip. Ozaoto was awfully kind enough to let him have a few, five he counted to try out before committing to purchasing more from him. Awfully expensive they are. Told that they come from off shore from the Fiji islands. Apparently there were billions of these tiny humanoids there in both male and female, although the males are far and few inbetween.
    Bon took to his house and laid the five tiny women on his floor. Quickly getting undressed he began to fondle them on the floor with his great toes. The tiny women seemed obedient enough and thrived to please him. Each one took to his brushings and reached out with their hands to caress him back. He began to take one at a time up in the clenches of his toes up to his waist. He would then play with them in his hands feeling their tiny breast up, and poking into their puny pussies. He could barely get his pinky tips very deep. He imagined how easy he could break the tiny woman apart against his much greater sized cock. Bon positioned the tiny woman against the backdrop of his organ. How surreal she looked, his cock looked so impressive that he couldnít control himself. He pressed her backwards against his erect head. Holding her in his fist, with her head sticking out forwards, and legs dangling downwards through the folds in his grip, Bon began to pump himself into the frail tiny. He could barely hear the tiny squeaks coming from below as he pressed harder and harder. Eventually unknown to himself, his whole cock had completely entered his grip. As he peered down he opened his fist to reveal the mashed remains of the tiny obliterated on his foreskin. Pleased with himself, and feeling quite powerful, he took down to the floor to take hold of the others in his hungry grip.
    Bon sat on his buttocks and surrounded the other in his legs. Taking them on in couples he massaged himself, fondled their tiny bodies against himself. Taking also to poking his anus with them also.
    Bon lost another one in his ass, as he pulled out the limp stained body. Tossing her aside like a used condom, he went ahead with the others. Amazed at the very fact the others didnít seem swayed by his monstrous acts, and kept focused on pleasing him. Bon was drunk with power and took his sheer pleasure torturing the remaining with his now enormous cock. He practically beat one unconscious with his thick shaft, leaving her limp and stuck to him, the others her tried to inject into his pee-hole, crippling the other. The final one he got off on as he jacked off. Cupped in his hands with the waste cum, he flicked her against his leg. Bon then plucked up the crippled one and wiped his remains and trying to get another pickup from her. Managing to become erect once more, her tossed aside the now dead woman, and brought up the one he beat on. He placed her inside a condom and began to rub his shaft until gaining another ejaculation.
    Bon ripped off his filled rubber. Looking into the placid interior; he got a thrill looking at the squirming woman inside trying desperately trying to stay afloat in the thick plasmatic cum. Playing with the bloated condom, Bon padded it back and forth within his hands, finally letting it tumble to the floor. Bon stared down at the spent rubber. Itís opening slit lay open oozing out the waste along with the tiny darkened figure. Bon raised his mass and stood directly above the mess. He stared down for quite some time watching the death throes of the tiny slave woman. Keeping the urge back he wanted to experience the view just a little longer. He watched and waited as she wiggled and squirmed from under the slim, until she finally fell over and lay with her back slightly to the floor. Now Bon felt the urge was too strong. He loved the site and tried to imagine what he must look from way down there, massively standing over her like some monstrous structure, feet a the waiting to cause utter destruction.
    Bon waited no longer and fully enjoyed squishing the tiny morsel of a woman. She barely got her arms up as he brought his foot down ever so slowly until fully smothering her whole. He slowly ground her down, until he put full force down obliterating her form. She was now nothing but a stain on his expansive soles.

    The months went by and Bon was enjoying his habit thoroughly, he often purchased nine to ten women at a time, going from lasting a couple of days, now down to a few hours. His house had become a house of giant orgasmic horrors, as he put his toys to the extreme to expand his pleasures. Bon began to experiment with different effects and forms of torture. He would take three women and lay them into slits formed into his sandals. And wear them around his house turning them slowly into human odor eaters. Or wear a few down his shorts for a day, forcing himself to do be utterly disgusting in his treatment of their tiny bodies, often throwing the discarded pants into the waste basket due to total bodily fluid desecration.
    A few more months go by and Bon has actually invited a live size woman to share in his fantasy habit. Fearing the woman might reject the idea; he found the most deviant and street trash he could muster. This came in the form of Stacy. Often a hooker, usually drunk or stoned out of her mind, she still looked good enough to Bon to enjoy himself.
    Dragging her to his house with bottles of bourbon and pills, he had her totally elated and aroused to any suggestion. As he pulled out some of the daily purchases, he brought them to her like pet mice. Stacy looked at the handful and smiled a crooked smile as she burped gurgled away. Bon knew he wouldnít be able to get any kind of reaction due to her state, but knew he could count on her not to interfere in anyway possible.
    He first pulled her dirty skirt off, getting little help from Stacy. Revealing a torn and shredded pair of hosiery, he then moved on to her top. Stacy lay totally naked on his bed. Her body was tinted with dirt and grease. Bon didnít feel to comfortable with her condition, and decided to take her to the shower.
    Stacy screamed as the water hit her body. Bon scrubbed her down as best he could, and managed to even wash her hair somewhat.
    Pleased with her cleaner complexion, he then moved her back to his bedroom, where she fed off the remaining bottles of bourbon, to gain back her fried state.
    Bon had Stacy between conscious and unconscious, as he began to place tiny women on Stacy, he would step back and admire site of the tiny against the backdrop of a bigger woman. Bon then began to lead four of them into the oversized clit. Happy he was able to fit all four in easily, he opted to add another three. Feeling Stacy was filled to capacity, he then closed the legs together and began to play with the somber hooker. Stacy began to twitch and stir due to the subtle sensations she was experiencing, her senses were too obliterated to not feel something deep inside her.
    Bon then turned her over and started to stuff some of the other into her anus.
    Stacy was now protruding with tiny limbs from her privates due to Bonís unquenchable appetite.
    Bon finally mounted the hooker and began to pump her fully and completely. Feeling the tiny sensations surrounding his shaft and foreskin, as he rubbed against the many forms in the deep clit.
    Bon fucked long and hard for some hours, not stopping until his balls ached.
    When it was said and done, he lay next to the sleeping hooker and scanned his cock and balls for limp bodies. There were many to be found both on his and Stacyís privates. Bon fished out the many that were still trapped inside her, at last count her only got five out of her pussy, and one still remained in her ass. He decided to leave them there, figuring Stacy would relieve herself of them eventually, and wouldnít take much notice of what came out of her.

    Now some still more months later, Bon had found himself crazed and desperate. No longer to afford his expensive habit, he was downtrodden to find any action quite like it any place else.
    He had finally approached Ozaoto on any deal he could strike.
    Not able to accomplish any kind of credit as he owed too much already, Ozaoto came up with a solution which didnít appeal to Bon at first, but the thought of some thousands of dollars of trade in return changed his mind. It was put to him that he would fill in the role of what he was trying to crack into the market for the other sex. He already had a stud ranch of males from where the tiny women came from, but their sheer numbers didnít keep up with demands, Ozaoto was now making deals with American males willing to do in substitute. Bon took the deal and even got a advance of some 10 tiny women for his troubles.
    That night Bon was possessed as he quickly did away with five from sheer pressure from his thighs, the last five he tried to control himself on and managed to slow it down a pace, but just holding them brought the urges through him. They were eventually crushed against his cock and balls.

    Bon was nervous of what he had bargained for, he resolved to try to get away before settling his debt with Ozaoto. It wouldnít be easy to get away, but he really wasnít willing now to expose himself to the shrinking.
    Bon stayed home in the day, and used the night to make his escape. Traveling through the dark corridors, and dark streets, he was feeling comfortable on his chances of getting out of the city.
    He reached the train station and was getting ready to board; he found the door and began to step through it when darkness and a dull pain hit him suddenly.

    Zoe and Kim was a couple of lovers that couldnít get off on the rough trade any longer, and this boredom brought them close to Ozaoto erotic trades. They already had a single woman for themselves, which they shared one night. They were hooked and demanded a more vast collection for their next session. Ozaoto arranged to supply them with some seven women and a couple of males.
    That night the two women lovers got into their usual foreplay extravaganza, breaking sheer noise levels with their rough play. In moments leathers were flying, and fishnets were tossed in favor of sheer nudity. Both reached playfully for the box and let the tiny props out. Tumbled along the bed were seven dark skinned women like always supplied. A single dark male and an extremely hysterical whiter male.
    Both women and place to work immediately plucked up all nine-toy humans. The energy was fantastic as both women used their sheer size to manipulate the ever so puny people. Kim had no trouble inserting some four women and the one dark male into Zoeís wet clit. Zoe returned the favor by inserting the remaining women into Kimís anus.
    As the titanic women made mad and angry love, the one white male had managed to elude attention to him and was trying to evade the falling and swinging huge appendages from above. He managed to get himself to the bedís edge and climb down.
    The trip down was an argues, and longer than he had hoped. Once on the floor, he heard the noised from above. Kim noticed him first and quickly flung her body over to the edge to retrieve him. In an instant the tiny male was in her huge grip and brought up for inspection.
    Bon screamed in terror as he looked up at the skyscraper size woman surrounding him. Dwarfed in the expansive hand of Kim he felt completely powerless and puny. His last time in this world would now be spent used to death by two horny lesbians.
    Tied to a dildo strapped around Zoeís waist, Bon was forced into substitution cock service for Kimís sake. He screamed for the final time as he saw the massive opening of Kimís clit spread open for his penetration.
    Zoe pumped hard and long as she fucked Kim like a man. Kim lashed out with glee, and took in Zoeís penile substitute complete.
    As the night drew to a close, the bodies were limp twisted and laid to waste on the wet soaked sheets. Some of the tiny womenís bodies were flattened beyond belief, while others were simply used. Along the edge of it all lay the discarded dildo, whose only remains of Bon was the blood soaked end. Deep inside Kim lay the last remains of Bon, ironically abandoned.