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New Story: Accidental God
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    The Accidental God

    Selene was an extraordinary woman accustomed to accomplishing extraordinary things. Running full tilt through crowds clogging the sidewalks as they gawked and stared up in disbelief was extraordinary indeed, especially considering she was strapped into a set of killer heels. She danced left and right and around the awestruck pedestrians, never slowing for an instant, never missing a step or breaking her stride for a moment.

    She could hear what was going on behind her: screams and horrible breaking noises and -other- sounds coming at terrifyingly regular intervals. They were a lot like a noise a stack of falling mattresses would make. Selene didn’t need to look back, she knew what she would see and it would only slow her down or break her resolve to escape, which was worse. She could -feel- the pair of beautiful crimson eyes bathing her in their malevolent radiance, so she ran faster.

    Selene’s shadow ran ahead of her, long in the late afternoon sunshine, as she darted down a narrow side street hoping to shake that which perused her. The sound of breaking masonry and splintering lumber and demolished architecture dashed these hopes, and -all- hope died as her fleeing shadow was being eclipsed by a much larger one. She poured on ever last ounce of speed, her nimble feet never slipping or going astray despite the five inch heels of her leather pumps. If she had known she was going to be running for her life, she would have made certain to wear a more sensible outfit, but as prognostication and clairvoyance were two of the rare skills she did not posses, here she was, concentrating to keep her balance with every stride.

    Her shadow was slowly being swallowed by the larger one, until it was completely engulfed. With that, she broke left, and rushed up the steps to a random brownstone house, praying ferverently that the door was open. As she fumbled at the arcane and antique door catch, she felt the presence behind her stop, and begin to rush -towards- her. With a little shriek of frustration, Selene managed to yank open the door and dash inside the strange house, nearly bowling over its very surprised occupant. The woman looked at Selene in confusion, and at what followed her in through the front door in shock. Selene, never pausing, rocketed up the nearby stairs without thinking as something -large- brushed her back.

    At the top of the staircase, she paused to look back, and she saw a massive hand with fingers thicker than wine jugs and skin that glowed like gold groping for her. The enormous hand, mistaking the surprised woman for Selene, snatched the house’s inhabitant out her own front door, kicking and shrieking. Selene listened with horror as the shrieks exploded into screams which crescendoed quickly and abruptly -stopped-. With that she fled down the hallway to the first doorway she found, slamming it behind her and sinking to her knees, trying to regain her wits and her breath.

    After a moment of blind panic, she dragged her mind back into focus, and her body back into a relaxed state. Selene reasoned that she could probably sneak out the back door without Him noticing her escape, or out the front door if He was watching the back. She only took a minute to hope there -was- a back door as she rose again to her feet. She took a deep breath to steel herself, glanced out the window, and then sank slowly to her knees again, her heart frozen with fright. Through the window an enormous eye as red and inevitable as sunset gazed upon her.

    There was a crash, and the rending of timber and brick and plumbing as the roof and wall were torn away by hands powerful enough to rip apart a house, yet dexterous enough to make sure not even an iota of dust fell upon her amid the destruction. They stood revealed before each other, the prey and her hunter.

    He stood forty feet high, His glimmering golden torso looms above her, His hands triumphantly at His hips. He was as pleasingly muscular as befit a god, strong and beautiful, with a fair face with fine features marked by eyes as brilliant and sparkling and red as rubies. He had no hair save the fine strands of copper that now comprised His eyebrows and lashes, and as He spoke, His copper lips parted to reveal mother-of-pearl teeth and a tongue seemingly silver-made-flesh.
    “It appears the chase has ended, Selene”, He said with a voice like as loud and deep and beautiful as a church organ.
    “Yes, you’ve finally caught me”, she said with a hint of defiance. He only smiled.
    “I would have caught up to you sooner, but I was having far too much fun stepping on people as we went along.” He said with a roguish wink that chilled her to the bone. She slowly regained her feet, her hand reaching surreptitiously for the door handle behind her.
    “Now, now...there will be no more flight! I have caught my prize, and now I intend to enjoy her.” He said with a sinister smile. His hand reached into the ruined room, and before she could so much as flinch, His huge fingers had circled around her, and her heart fluttered in her chest like a trapped moth. To her surprise, the golden hand was firm like flesh rather than hard like metal and it radiated a seductive warmth. The fingers closed gently about her, her breasts pushed up by the forefinger as He gripped her torso and hips.

    He raised her, and the world swam about her with surprising and bewildering swiftness, and then her world -was- His golden face and crimson eyes as He appraised her.
    “You are far too overdressed for the occasion, my lovely Selene. I know it was your intention to break off our using me as a human sacrifice for one of your mystical rites, no less...but I think I’m entitled to one last fling.” He said as He tugged away her mink stole.
    “We never had a first fling!”, she protested as she grabbed futilely at the garment as He dangled it over her head before letting it flutter to the ground.
    “I know...and it’s a pity. You never had the opportunity to discover what a delightful sadist I am. After all, you were just stringing me along to get me drunk and chained to that altar of yours. I should have been a honor between mages, apparently.”, He chuckled as He hooked a massive finger down the front of her blouse, the back of his warm digit sliding against her cleavage as He tore away the silk.

    “Still, when a thief botches an assassination attempt, the victim isn’t accidentally transformed into a living god. Oh, nice gloves, quite kinky. I think we’ll keep those. The pearls, too; they were considered a powerful aphrodisiac by the ancients.” He said noting appreciatively the leather opera-length gloves she wore beneath her blouse and the choker made of strands of perfect pearls. “Though I quite think you wriggling helplessly in my grip is aphrodisiac enough. Nothing like raw power to get the libido into high gear, eh, Selene?”
    “Let me go, you monster!”, she cried out defiantly, struggling against His fist.
    “Monster? You were the one who tried to suck out my soul to trade it for your shot at absolute power! If you had not misinterpreted that one passage....don’t look surprised, I understand High Atlantean Cant better than you would be commanding a mindless Elder Power to do your doubtlessly sinister bidding. And you call -me- a monster?”, He reflected for a moment. “Well, yes, I suppose I am.”

    He smiled happily, “I further suppose you -like- monsters. Mystics like you and I are attracted to power and the will to use it. I would, in fact, suppose you are more turned on than you are willing to admit. Let us test this supposition, hmm?”

    His fingers batted her protective hands aside, and He roughly ripped away her lacy black bra and her large, firm breasts swung free. “See? Look at those nipples! I’d bet they are as hard as pencil erasers.”, His inhumanly deft fingertips came together to tweak her nipples gently, like pontoons converging on her sensitive flesh, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her. “Aha! Indeed they are! I wonder if your panties are wet?”
    “Stop this, Baine!”, she demanded angrily as He adjusted His grip on her tiny frame.
    “No...not Baine. Not any more.” He said smugly as His massive thumb came to bear on her tit, kneading and massaging the soft, sensitive flesh. Despite herself, she moaned at the rhythmic and thorough administration of pleasure.
    “No, stop...what do I....Ah! I call you then...oh, please...”, she tried to maintain her defiance in the face of His sensual onslaught.

    He pursed His lips and gazed down at her haughtily before answering, the fingertips of His free hand pinched at the hem of her skirt. He brought His face closer, and His sweet breath blew back her hair like a gentle summer breeze as He whispered: “Master”.
    “Master? You?”, she laughed, “Never! Ahhhh!”, she cried as His monstrous fingers tore away her skirt with a flourish.
    “Why, yes, your panties are positively -sopping-, you miniature minx! Oooh, silk stockings and a garter belt, quite nice. Those can stay”, He ran His enormous fingertip up between her legs, forcing the squirming, kicking legs apart as He felt her long, shapely legs beneath the silk. “Your panties on the other lace? They simply must go.”
    “Ogden, stop this!”, she demanded as she felt her resolve slipping under His erotic, powerful touch. His smug smile evaporated, and was replaced by an ominous moue of displeasure as He drew her closer to His face.
    “No. Not Baine...”, He began to constrict the fingers of His left hand about her, squeezing her uncomfortably tight, “And definitely not Ogden.”
    “Oh, come off it Ogden. Your form has changed, but you are still the same overstuffed twit I knew back when you failed your first initiation.”, she sneered at Him, sensing a weakness. “Why, you even arch your ludicrous copper eyebrow in the same urk...”

    His thumb had left off molesting her breasts and was pressed tightly against the bottom of her chin, forcing her head back as far as it would go, the firm pad pressing into the vulnerable flesh of her throat, pinching her pearl choker against her neck.
    “As I am not anywhere near done teasing and tormenting you, my dear Selene, I am fighting the urge to pop your head off. It would help if you addressed me properly.” He said in a pipe-organ voice as dark as a dirge. His thumb pressed painfully further by degrees, and His fist tightened.
    “Don’t, please...”, she recognized the evil resolve in His voice, and reluctantly relented.

    “Master, I beg you spare me!”, she said, humiliated.

    With something bordering on disappointment, He eased off, returning her to a more comfortable position. She noticed with lust tinged fear that His naked sex was now partially engorged, His impulse to -end- her rousing the mammoth penis to life. She realized with dizzy horror that He wasn’t kidding about being a sadist.

    His glib demeanor had returned as swiftly as it was dispelled by His anger, and He managed to slide His finger in the waist band of her panties. “I wonder if you are a natural brunette? No, wait! I bet you have yourself shaved clean! Probably by one of those fawning boy-toy acolytes you keep about. Let’s find out, shall we?” This was still too much for her to bear, and she thrashed and beat at the thumb that had resumed fondling her breasts. He responded by tightening His grip painfully, and slooowly ripped her undergarment away from her, exposing her totally.

    “Oho! I was right! Not so much as a single hair! Very enticing, Selene, your God approves.”, He gazed upon her exposed sex, licking His lips at the sight of her juices glistening on her engorged outer lips. She was naked, and the warm, soft-yet-firm flesh of His hand cradled her back and cupped her entire bottom. His powerful, thick fingers curled around her, like the embrace of four lovers, and His thumb was as talented as it was unstoppable in its ministration of pleasure. Selene shivered slightly under the hungry gaze of the god she had inadvertently created.
    “What, now, Master?”, she asked sardonically trying to spoil His mood. He simply smiled at her, and strode off down the street with her firmly in His grip.
    “A bit of random mayhem, my tiny tart. Stir up the locals, and maybe flush out a few worshipers for the new God.”, He said with evil glee. She watched in horror and fascination as He stalked back into the center of the tiny New England town, its streets overrun by tourists attempting to flee before the naked colossus striding into their midst. Every footfall brought death and destruction as His massive feet trampled and crushed wealthy vacationers. He scarcely paid them any heed, save to plant and twist His foot on an especially attractive couple as they fled before Him, laughing as they screamed and died beneath His might.

    He came to the quaint movie house in the center of town, and through the vagaries of ancient art-deco architecture, the front facade made a perfect throne for a giant. Selene gazed out at the swath of gore and death He had blazed, and noted with little surprise the women shedding themselves of their clothes, and the men groveling on their stomachs facing Him. Gorgeous college co-eds and seductive divorcés and buff yuppie wives began to converge as His ruby gaze swept the crowds, and soon a mass of women were wriggling at His feet, pressing their supple bodies against His flesh, kissing and worshipping His golden skin and powerful legs.

    Selene was an accomplished sorceress, and therefore immune to tricks like His ruby gaze. However, the texture of His palm, the perfect form of His physique, His cruel and handsome face and His unparalleled power were succeeding where his vast psychic ability was not. The sorceress was quite aroused, and more than a little afraid.She was suddenly aware that His attention wasn’t on the worshipers at His feet but upon -her-, and her breath caught in her throat.

    When His finger returned to stroke her stocking-clad legs, she spread them wide to accommodate it, her gloved fingers gently massaging the breast His thumb wasn’t seeing to at the moment. He paused, and withdrew His finger, gazing with approval at His toy.
    “You look so afraid of me...”, He said as His eyes softened.
    “You have -no- idea how much that turns me on.” His mischievous grin abruptly returned. He opened up His fist, trapping her arms with His thumb on one side and His middle and forefinger on the other, so she lay helpless along the palm of His hand. The forefinger of His other hand caressed her cheek, its massive presence whispering over her soft skin, down the side of her neck and over the sensitive nape like a velvet wind. The finger traveled down slowly, to trace the contour of her bust, to part her cleavage and continue down, tickling her belly as He progressed to her mons. The finger seemed to electrify her flesh with its touch, and she bucked her hips to meet the questing digit. His fingertip pressed deftly against her outer folds, squirming against her sensitive flesh and lubricating itself in her flowing juices. She gasped as she felt her labia pressed open, and the whorls and ridges of His fingertip passed over her inner lips, and brushed against her clit. Deftly it moved to and fro in amazingly tiny arcs, each pass teasing forth pleasure and passion like a bow teases forth a note from a cello. His ministrations were weaving a complex score: the ridges of His fingerprint and the ethereal, electric touch harmonized with the heat glowing from His open palm, and the subtle undulations of His hand beneath her. She arched her back, and gripped His finger with her legs, the silk sliding against His flesh, her high heels digging into His skin. She bit at her lip, moaning through a closed mouth lest she cry out His name and anger Him, or cry out “Master” or “Oh, God!” and abase herself. Her pleasure built, and built, and soon it was an onrushing tide she could not ignore. Her mouth flew wide as a moan of pure physical delight welled out of her, and the tide of passion crested into a wave which broke into an orgasm as she bucked and heaved, pinned helplessly in the palm of His hand.

    She noted with dismay that she was still horny as hell, and furthermore, so was -HE-.
    “I am a generous God, my puny paramour, and I only ask small sacrifices. As I have pleasured you, so you shall pleasure me.”, He said as He gestured at His swelling manhood. Selene stared in shock at it...she surmised that, fully erect, it would almost be as tall as herself!
    “You’re joking...”, she said with a laugh, suddenly finding the situation ludicrous.
    “Oh, I am sure you can be quite creative if you put your mind to it.”, He said with a wry smile.
    “Forget it Ogden, you had your fun, but I’m not playing along.” she said with a sneer.

    She noticed her mistake as soon as the beautiful crimson eyes narrowed, and the devilish grin was replaced by a sneer of anger. His fist coiled itself around her body, and brought her roughly before His face.
    “You -defy- Me? Oh, I cannot have that from a mortal, even as one as lovely and powerful as you. I ask you again, and address me properly with your answer...will you pleasure Me, your God?”
    “No, -Ogden-, I won’t have anything to do with...with...-that-” she said haughtily. Almost immediately, she regretted her defiance.

    His sneer was tinted by an evil humor, and He began to slowly constrict His fingers, His nostrils flaring in rage. She felt the titan’s grasp clamp down on her, and she struggled to push away His enormous fingers, her glove leather slipping on the firm flesh. The sneer suddenly gave way to an evil leer, and she knew she was in deep trouble.

    He began to -squeeze-, slowly pouring His incalculable strength into His fist. Tighter and tighter His grip became, and she struggled in His grasp, legs kicking and flailing, head tossing back and forth as the pressure mounted. His cock had hardened to a full erection as He began to slowly crush the breath out of His captive. She saw this, and screamed, her voice a powerful wail as the air was pressed out of her lungs by His might. She felt -power- envelope her, compressing her flesh and body ever more tightly, her distress arousing her tormentor. Still He squeezed her, and as she felt she could bear no more, His grip redoubled. Her hands pulled futilely at His fingers, and her feet kicked with panicked frenzy. She saw in His face that He would achieve sexual satisfaction by crushing her to death just as surely as He would by any other means. The power He was exercising over His tiny captive had stoked His ardor to a level He had never known before, and she knew with dread certainty He was idly contemplating squeezing out her life. His teeth gleamed in the early evening light as He smiled at her, and -tightened- again. She threw back her head in a silent scream as something exploded inside her, the sensation welling through her entire body until oblivion overtook her.

    It was only as she lay panting on His naked thigh that she realized the sensation was the most intense orgasm of her life.

    The giant was trembling and breathing raggedly, the force of will it took to overcome His sadistic lust wracking His body. His manhood was a throbbing monument, more erect than Selene had ever seen any man. She was still consumed by unreasoning lust, so she crawled up His thigh slinkily to curl her supple body around His cock. Her leather-clad fingers danced up its length to dally just beneath His head, plucking at the thick pleasure cord. He growled at the sensation, His hands gripping the arm of His “throne” until the stonework crumbled. She slid her body up along the length of the huge cock, rubbing her nipples against His velvety skin, and pressing her sex against the massive shaft. Standing on His body, His manhood was easily as tall as her breasts. She rubbed them against the sensitive head while her gloved hands reached around to play His pleasure ridge like a harp, pausing to run her hands along the sides of the straining, swollen shaft, and along the lip of the head.

    She dipped her own head to lick at His hole, lapping at the flowing pre-cum, probing deep with her tongue. She felt His gigantic body twitch and squirm beneath her as His growls deepened to groans. She wrapped her long legs around the penis, and swung around so she was facing the front and the thick vein that was the locus of a man’s pleasure. She began to slide her body along His length, squeezing with her legs, stroking with her arms, tickling with her fingers, and licking at His head and throbbing ridge. She pressed her slit against Him, leaving a trail of her fluids and rubbing her sensitive folds and engorged clit against the titanic manhood of the God.

    Selene moved ever faster, ever more deftly, her gloves caressing every inch, her legs gripping mightily, her tongue a slimy assault upon His organ, her kisses delicate whispers that made the man-god moan and heave beneath her.

    He was poised at the brink, and despite all of her frantic ministrations, He would not be moved past pleasure and into orgasmic release. With a sudden insight, she wrapped herself about the cyclopean cock, squeezing as tightly as she could with her arms, with her hands, with her legs, digging her heels into soft flesh. She cried out, her voice laden with seductive sensuality, “Master, cum, I beseech thee!”

    With that, He did. Gouts of molten gold exploded from the tip, shooting over the edge of His “throne” to drench the worshipers at His feet, and then oozing down on His pet sorceress as His humongous orgasm ever so slowly subsided, she jumped on His testicles, the size of beach balls, and felt them heave and twitch beneath her as they contracted to shoot forth His seed.

    He grabbed her roughly by her legs in His fist, and brought her to His lips. An enormous tongue poked forth from between tremendous lips, and licked at the cum drenching her. She was soon clean, but the tongue writhed against her still, teasing her breasts, running along the length of her sides, lingering at her crotch.

    Selene noticed a change: the fingers seemed larger, and the ground more distant. He stood from His throne, it was now too small for His immense size. Still He licked and teased her body with His long, sinuous tongue. She felt the fear return through her lust as the tiny women worshipping at His feet were squashed or flung to their deaths as He stepped forward. The tiny screams prompted Him to stroll forwards as He grew, His ever more massive tread catching and crushing more people with each footfall. Despite these diversions, He still kept focused on -her-, His tongue licking in a broad swath that drenched her from navel to chin in saliva, and then narrowing down to a slimy lash wriggling its way across her tight ass.

    Still He grew ever larger...if He were to squeeze her now, only her head would stick out of His fist. She felt the flesh of His hand expanding beneath and around her, she saw Him looming ever larger against the delicate purple of twighlight. He split her thighs gently, and sucked her left leg entirely into her mouth. His lips pursed and squirmed against her nether lips as His tongue tasted and licked and swam around her leg. When He withdrew her, her stocking and shoe were gone: only the soft, smooth skin of her leg remained, glistening.
    “Now that”, she said, “is a talented tongue!”
    “You don’t know the half of it, sweet Selene”, He said with a grin, “But you -will-.”

    With that He took her other leg into His mouth, and repeated the trick, garter belt and all. She was now naked save her gloves and pearls, and the evaporating saliva made her shiver. He then took both her legs into His mouth, His tongue wrapping and caressing her body, squirming between her thighs. It pressed against her pussy, and then narrowed amazingly as it penetrated her folds and thrust straight into her vagina. His tongue tip thrust and pumped within her, and it flared out into a soft and slimy mass filling and sliding against her outer sex and nub simultaneously. She rubbed and teased her breasts with her gloved fingers, pausing to run a caress along His broodinbagian face, or to trace His full, soft lips. She was so wrapped in the raw physical passion that she almost didn’t notice He was still growing, and that her body was being engulfed by degrees as He grew. The tongue thrust and writhed, and her body vibrated as He chuckled sinisterly, sending pleasure coursing through her entire body. Her hands and breasts were inside His mouth, His lips clamped against her throat when she realized the danger.

    Too late.

    His tongue pulled her in completely, and she reached to pull herself out of His lips, but the tongue had retreated from its ministrations just as she was on the verge of orgasm. It now tilted back, and she felt herself sliding backwards. She scrabbled for a grip on the slimy, smooth flesh, but found none, and was lost as she felt His esophagus -squeeze- her.

    He swallowed.

    They orgasmed.

    He felt her slide down to His stomach, and He felt her death throes fluttering deep within himself. He roared with the power rush, surging up, up, up...

    He had sacrificed her to His appetite, and now He truly was become a god. A man-shaped mountain, more than a thousand feet tall, strode off to conquer the world.

    Theophilous Bolt